Batteries suited for multiple equipment applications :

· Submarines and torpedoes
· Endless track and wheel vehicles
· Tanks and armoured cars
· Airplanes
· Boats and ships
· Helicopters

Batteries for various applications :

· Radio communications stations
· Night vision apparatus
· Mine detection equipment
. Self-powered howitzers
Sunlight Systems has been active in the torpedo cells sector (SUT & SST4) since 1996 constantly developing high level expertise in the field since then.
Through ongoing sustained efforts and investments to answer the specific power supply needs of this highly specialized domain, Sunlight Systems, in 2005, launched in its 9000 m2 manufacturing facility a zinc/silver production line with state-of-the art equipment dedicated to fabrication of torpedo cells for both combat and training operations.
The zinc/silver alloy is the most commonly used technology for this particular field, given its many advantages including increased performance and bulk density high energy output. Combat batteries are single-use and maintenance-free, while training batteries are rechargeable and suited for repeated uses. They are identical to combat batteries with respect to capacity and size,  allowing the torpedoes to deploy the same  firepower and duration than that of an actual combat torpedo.
Specifically aimed to offer ‘’turn key’’ personalized solutions, our resourceful technical support team specializes in high technology batteries and is able to efficiently fulfil your power supply and energy requirements.
With its sound know-how and long-lasting experience in the energy storage sector and by using all the available technological resources,  Sunlight Systems is now recognized as one of the foremost designer and manufacturer of batteries for classic submarines (Western and Eastern types).
Using an innovative approach towards the stringent energetic requirements in this sector of activity, Sunlight Systems can effectively design and develop new cell prototypes and related accessories, including battery management systems (BMS) and the ‘’Hydrogen Eliminator’’ module. Working in close collaboration with a specialized technical support team, Sunlight Systems is the best choice for all submarine battery needs.
We design and manufacture 25 different cell types which have proven their performance in 51 submarines sailing all over the world and firmly established our experience and reliable expertise in the production of submarine batteries.

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