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Jennifer's Body is a American supernatural horror black comedy film written by Diablo Cody and directed by Karyn Kusama. Fox portrays a demonically possessed high school girl who kills her male classmates, with her best friend striving to stop her. As a tie-in to the film, Boom! Studios produced a Jennifer's Body graphic novel , released in August

Jennifer's body

Jennifer's Body Movie () Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody - video dailymotion

Sign In. Edit Jennifer's Body Showing all 43 items. To prepare for her role as a possessed living-dead teenager, Megan Fox lost around 15 lbs, bringing her weight down to a near-frail 97 lbs, and stayed out of the sun. Megan Fox Jennifer and Amanda Seyfried Needy have both said this is their favorite movie of their respective filmographies. The water disappears into a glacial pothole. Jennifer and Needy had more blatant sexual tension in the original script, as a reflection of teenage curiosity and experimentation with the same sex.

‘Jennifer’s Body’ at 10: A Violent Feminist Tale Ahead of Its Time

One freshman biology lab, I was grouped with an OK guy and the only out girl in my grade. We were supposed to be dissecting worms. We had all seen the ads for the movie, which featured a scantily clad Megan Fox. By , Megan Fox was not just a sex symbol, she was the sex symbol — a universal barometer of hotness. And she had recently come out as bisexual in Esquire.
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