Batteries Mustang Technologie concentrates its activities in the traction battery industry. Our dedicated personnel works relentlessly to develop technological innovations in order to offer highly efficient products and solutions adapted to today’s needs, industrial performance imperatives and environmental concerns.
Our director, Mrs. Nathalie Thibodeau has been working in the handling and traction battery industries since 1993 and holds a bachelor’s degree in « Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies » from Stanford University, in California, contributing to the development of innovative technologies and business solutions.
The company’s Head Office is located on the South Shore of Montreal, has a branch in Toronto and its distribution network spans throughout North America.


Motivated by the strong desire to answer our customers’ needs, Batteries Mustang technology relies on sound values and foundations. Our team members are committed to continuous technological development processes aimed to provide optimal solutions to today’s power requirements.
The involvement and support of the provincial and federal governmental institutions allow us to develop new products designed to address current main concerns such as the environment, health and safety issues and the improvement of industrial performance.
Our clients’ feedback and needs are always at the core of our efforts and decisions and feed our will to always improve ourselves, day after day.
We have set in place a business network throughout Canada and can service the entire Canadian market. Furthermore, the synergy among our various subsidiaries ensures a second to none service offer.