Commercial Batteries, industrial batteries – Batteries Mustang Technologie

SLT GEL Sealed Batteries (Semi-Traction)

SLT GEL Batteries are sealed, valve regulated lead batteries containing GEL electrolyte. These batteries are characterized by their robustness, versatility of application and maintenance free design. Other advantages include long service life and a high level of cyclical resistance.


SLT Vented Tubular Plate Batteries (Semi-Traction)

SLT Vented Technology Batteries with liquid electrolyte and tubular plate technology are characterized by robust design with powerful tubular plates and a special alloy that offers long service life and high cyclical resistance of more than 1200 cycles (60% DoD, 20ºC).


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Battery driven electrical vehicles

· Golf carts
· Airport Ground Support Equipment
· Tow vehicles (tuggers)
· Unit load carriers

Mobility for the disabled

· Electric wheelchairs
· Pedestrian-operated stair climbers

 Cleaning Machines

· Floor cleaners
· Wet scrubbers
· Polishers
· Ice preparation machines

Mobile lifting platforms

· Light cranes
· Aerial Work Platform /Access


· Leisure and light industrial craft (inland waterways or seagoing)

Commercial Batteries, industrial batteries – Batteries Mustang Technologie

Commercial Batteries, industrial batteries – Batteries Mustang Technologie