Batteries Mustang technology’s traction batteries comply with DIN specifications, meaning our locomotive batteries can be used in many international markets. Batteries Mustang technology has a network of branches strategically placed, this allows for speedy response to customer requests. Batteries Mustang technology’s’  mining batteries are available in a range of different amp hour capacities and dimensions.


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Batteries Mustang technology’s Batteries have been designed for harsh underground mining conditions and are used by major mining groups including platinum, gold, diamonds, coal, uranium, copper, iron as well as antimony. Batteries Mustang technologies mining batteries are used in a number of different applications including mining locomotives, drill rig machines, scoop batteries and hauler batteries.


Batteries Mustang technology’s Training Department aims to provide quality training to equip trainees with the relevant skills to maintain equipment according to the industry.


  • Ensuring that correct maintenance / repairs are being carried out
  • Ensuring that the staff is correctly/adequately trained
  • Ensuring that the best return on investment is received
  • Reducing costly expenses incurred because of incorrect procedures being done