2500 SERIES  – 25A/100AH

Cabinet Dimensions: 25.6”W x 23.63”H x 25.6”D

PosiChargeTM 2500 Series chargers are built on the same technology that has earned our award-winning fast-charge line the reputation for delivering reliability and extended battery life. The 2500 Series can be used in either single or multi-shift operations and is fully compatible with our fast charge line. Operations with a wide variety of trucks, battery sizes, and uses can combine our fast charge line with the 2500 Series under one roof, for the ultimate in flexibility. When a truck plugs into a 2500 Series charger, the charger automatically identifies the battery’s profile and customizes the charge with a unique charging algorithm stored in its memory.
With an efficiency rating of up to 90%, anti-arcing disconnect for operator safety, and electrolyte-immersed temperature sensors to prevent gassing, the 2500 Series is designed with a greater number of standard features than any other charger in its class. Also standard, the 2500 Series features a stackable, lower profile octagonal design that encourages better air flow and consumes minimal floor space – making it ideal for either in-vehicle charging or high-velocity battery changing. The 2500 Series is fully compatible with the PosiCharge Battery RxTM system.


  • CE, CSA and UL 1564 approval in process
  • NEMA 1 Rated Enclosure


  • Smart Battery Monitor and Identification Device (BMID)

Standard Features:

  • Real Time Clock
  • Equalization Scheduler
  • Auto Start/Stop
  • Electrolyte Immersed Thermistor
  • Up to 90% Efficiency
  • 0.95 Power Factor at Full Load
  • Maintains 50 Charge Event Logs

  • Automatic Shutdown on Disconnection of Battery
  • Over Voltage/Reverse Voltage Protection
  • Fully Stackable – Up to Three Systems
  • Auto Thermal Shutdown
  • Multi AH & Multi Voltage*
  • Standard 10ft 320 Euro Output cable included
  • 4.5% to 5% Finish Rate

* excluding model # IGBT-12V-110A

State of Charge
Typical Duration
20 to 60% 100 Minutes
20 to 70% 130 Minutes
20 to 80% 175 Minutes
20 to 90% 235 Minutes


PosiCharge™ SVS and DVS are premium intelligent charging systems that range in power capability from 5kW for lower-duty vehicles to 30kW for the hardest-working forklifts. PosiCharge SVS and DVS offer an extensive array of features, including charger and battery data management, the Battery Monitor and Identifier Module (BMID), precise charging control, electrolytic thermistor, our “easy-service” modular cable system, and our dynamic equalization scheduler that delivers weekly EQ compliance without assigning specific chargers to trucks.
SVS models are based on our robust single-port architecture for maximum flexibility and modularity. The DVS is a dualport charging system that offers a lower cost alternative in locations where trucks are parked in pairs. The SVS and DVS product lines feature robust and proven technology, a broad power range, multi-voltage flexibility, and valueadded options that can support any material handling battery and charge any battery regardless of type, brand, voltage or size. These systems are also fully compatible with the PosiCharge Battery RxTM system.


  • CE, UL1564, CSA
  • NEMA 1 Rated Enclosure

Standard Features:

  • Smart Battery Monitor and Identification Device (BMID)
  • Real-Time Clock
  • Premium Equalization Scheduler
  • Electrolyte Immersed Thermistor – Temperature Fold Back
  • Auto Thermal Shut Down
  • Shutdown Response Time 5ms
  • Maintains 250 Charge Event Logs

  • Auto Start/Stop
  • Closed Loop Gas Prevention
  • IGBT Technology
  • Universal Battery Type, Brand, Voltage, Chemistry and AH Capacity
  • Easy Change Modular Output Cables – Single (up to 400A) and Dual (up to 500A)
  • Standard 13ft output cable